Brooklyn Schützen Corps
founded 1858

The Brooklyn Schützen Corps (BSC) welcomes your inquiry about our German / American shooting club here at the Plattdütsche Park in Franklin Square, NY. We are a member club of the Plattdütsche Volksfest Verein and hold monthly General Meetings and monthly practice shoots. Our goal is to shoot competitively within our club as well as with other clubs in the New York area and our sister clubs in Germany. We strive to promote our heritage and to enjoy the fellowship for which the BSC has become known. Besides our longstanding interests in the shooting sports, we are a very active social club which works toward the Good and Welfare of our German Heritage and Community by participating in many activities and events at the Plattdütsche Park and in our area.

A Brief History of our Club
On April 28, 1858, 47 friends met at P. Rudy Schumacher's Empire Hall at 2 Ralph Avenue in Brooklyn, NY and the new Brooklyn Schützen Corps was founded. It was an immediate success and new members joined at every meeting. The first "Schützenfest" was held in September, 1858, and has been an annual tradition ever since. The "Schützenfest" is the highlight event of our calender year. Members compete for many different prizes, trophies, plaques and medals by showcasing their individual shooting skills. Over the years many lasting friendships have been formed at the "Schützenfest" with our schützenbrothers here in America as well as those who may be visiting from Germany. Several of our members visit "Schützenfests" and other Schützen groups in Germany, where our members are always well received. We also host several German Schützen Clubs annually who come here to take part in the German-American Steuben Parade, held every September, in midtown Manhattan. It is the hard work and participation of our members that make these events a memorable success for all attendees.

Our membership consists of those people having a strong sense of commitment who are willing to be active and give the club 110%. For any organization to flourish and remain strong, it requires the effort and input of it's membership through their continued support, participation and initiative. Our reward, as members of the Brooklyn Schützen Corps, is an appreciation of our German Heritage, it's traditions, fun, fellowship and "Gut Schuß!" In all of our undertakings we always have the full support of the Brooklyn Schützen Damen (Ladies Society), which is also a most successful club here at the Plattdütsche Park. Although they have their own officers and have their own Agenda, their objectives mirror those of the BSC. Thanks for visiting and feel free to contact us for more info or just to say "Hello"! Mit Schützengruß, Brooklyn Schützen Corps

~ Schützenbrüder Song ~
(After recognition of the Honoree, the members join in with...)

Gut Schuß ! Gut Schuß ! Gut Schuß !

Schützenbrüder sind wi'
Hab'n immer frohen Mut.
Und lustig sind wir immer
Dat liegt bei uns im blut

Ja, Schützenbrüder sind wi'
Hab'n immer frohen Mut.
Und durstig sind wir immer
Dat liegt bei uns im blut..

Gut Schuß ! Gut Schuß ! Gut Schuß !