Upcomming events:

German-American Community and BSC (green = practice, blue = PD, red = meetings) Calendar-of-Events

January 16th       Pistol Shoot, 7:30 pm

January 17th       The Mystic, JH, 7:00pm

January 18th       Tradewinds Band, JH, 7:00pm

January 22nd      BSC Kale Dinner, PR, 7:00pm / BSC Annual Meeting of Members & Elections, PR, 8:00pm (+++)

January 24th       Wonderous Stories, JH, 7:00pm

January 25th       The 90’s Band, JH, 7:00pm

January 26th       Sunday Brunch, JH, 11:00am

February 1st        The Allmost Brother’s Band, JH, 7:00pm

February 5th        Pistol Div. Annual Mtg. & Election, 8 pm

February 7th       The LP’s, JH, 7:00pm

February 7th       Rifle Practice Shoot, 7:00pm

February 8th       45RPM, JH, 7:00pm

February 14th     Have your Valentine’s Day dinner at the Plattduetsche!

February 14th     Bon Journey, JH, 7:00pm

February 15th     The Mystic, JH, 7:00pm

February 20th     Pistol Shoot, 7:30pm

February 21st     70’s Rock Parade, JH, 7:00pm

February 22nd    Touch the 80’s, JH, 7:00pm

February 23rd     Sunday Brunch, JH, 11:00am

February 23rd     P.V.V. George Washington Testimonial Dinner honoring PVV Clubs, PR, 3:00pm

February 26th     General Mtg, 8pm (No BSD Mtg)

February 28th     O El Amor, JH, 7:00pm

February 29th     The 90’s Band, JH, 7:00pm

March 4th            Pistol Shoot, 7:30pm

March 6th            Rifle Practice Shoot, 7:30pm

March 7th            45RPM, JH, 7:00pm

March 14th          The Touch, JH, 7:00pm

March 19th           Pistol Shoot, 7:30pm

March 20th          The Legendary Murphy’s, JH, 7:00pm

March 21st          The 90’s Band, JH, 7:00pm

March 22nd         Scottish / Irish Night, PR, 2:00pm

March 25th         General Mtg, 8:00 pm

March 27th          Wonderous Stories, JH, 7:00pm

March 28th          The Mystic, JH, 7:00pm

March 29th          Sunday Brunch, JH, 11:00am

April 1st                 Pistol Shoot, 7:30pm

April 3rd                Rifle Practice Shoot, 7:30pm

April 16th             Pistol Shoot, 7:30pm

April 18th             Gemutlichen Enzianer Bauern Ball, PR, 6:30pm

April 22th             General Mtg, 7pm and BSD Card Party, 8pm

 PR = Park Restaurant          JH = Jaegerhalle (Beer Hall)          BG = Beer Garden          AL = Altenheim    (+++)= All Officers, King & Candidates in Uniform

 For all Plattduetsche Volksfest Vereen events, logon to www.plattduetschevolksfestvereen.org. For all Plattdeutsche Park events,

logon to www.parkrestaurant.com. All Plattduetsche Volksfest Vereen and Plattdeutsche Park events are in BOLD. If you know of any German event or activity, either within the Plattduetsche Volksfest Vereen community; at Plattduetsche Park or elsewhere that should be included in the German-American Community Calendar of Events, please contact the Secretary at secretarybsc[at]gmail.com or (516) 513-0263 [home] or (516) 361-5044 [cell]. Please replace the signs [at] to @ .